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We have applied for accreditation with hopes of becoming one of the first 25 granite fabricators in the US, and only the 3rd company in NC to achieve that status.

MIA Accreditation for natural stone fabricators and commercial contractors recognizes those companies that meet the industry's highest standards for business activities, product knowledge, fabrication and installation. To earn MIA Accreditation, a company must complete an intensive, rigorous process that includes documentation of its business and employment practices, letters of recommendation, a written examination and site visits to the facility and completed jobs.



A Brief Company History:

Stone Connection's original granite company evolved in 1972 out of Elberton, Georgia with the ingenuitive thinking of father member, Nelson Motes. Motes started his company in a standard metal outbuilding sawing his own slabs and concentrating on quality hand craftsmanship while providing superior customer service.

In 1988, the company had flourished by successful workmanship and solid reputation and now with the coming of age of his son, John Motes. The father and son team partnership evolved to continue with Nelson's successful tradition of excellence. This allowed the Motes team to supply their customers with an owner on every aspect of their project from templating and manufacturing to installation, which is still in practice today.

In 1990, Home Depot got wind of Stone Connection's dramatic success and quality workmanship and contracted the Motes team to perform their kitchen and bath countertop work throughout North Georgia. Overwhelming demand came forth and Stone Connection Granite Interiors, Inc. began pushing to more jobs than they wanted to accommodate and causing extended lead-times for their regular and loyal customer base. Therefore, in 1991, Nelson Motes disbanded their relationship with Home Depot in order to revisit his vision of having a controlled focus on his respected and consistent customers who desired his signature craftsmanship in their homes.

In early 2004, Stone Connection moved forward and incorporated in North Carolina to become Stone Connection Granite Interiors, Inc. This was done in order to accommodate their Western North Carolina customers and to be closer to Nelson Motes residence in the Hendersonville area, where he has now resided since 1989 and has chosen to be his location of one-day retirement. A new showroom and manufacturing facility is now open in Zirconia, North Carolina.