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"It's easier to do a job right than to explain why you did not." - Martin Van Buren


We partner with the finest cabinet retailers in the Southeast. These relationships ensure quality countertop installations completing the overlook you, the kitchen designers have worked so diligently to achieve.

Top 5 Reasons Retailers Choose
Stone Connection Granite Interiors:

We stock 80-100 slabs:It is our desire to make the purchase of marble the highlight of your clients building experience. While touring our 7000 square foot indoor facility they will be delighted by our huge selection of stones and enamored by Mother Nature's work. As you peruse our showroom you will be inspired by the many different uses of marble from basic countertops and vanities to the extravagant: flooring, stair treads, showers, tub surrounds, fireplace surrounds, and window sills. 

We meet your schedule: We are proud to say we haven't missed an installation date in 36 years! We abide by the creed "if we say we are going to be there, we better be there." We understand the intricacy of a builder's schedule and are cognizant other trades are depending on our promptness. We install one job per day, unlike our competitors, we are not in a rush to finish up and head to the next one. We arrive at the job on time first thing in the morning and we stay on the job until it is complete and passes builder inspection.

We make you look good: We only sell Premium Grade quality stone. We integrate the use of modern technology, by using aan LT 55 laser templater to produce templates, and CNC machinery with an Old world hand polished craftsmanship. Our quality is unmatched with guarantee of 1/16th seams and 1/32 leveling.

When we leave your customers are smiling: Every homeowner receives a Welcome Home Package: including stone cleaner,  instructions for maintenance and cleaning guidelines and a hand written thank you note.

Peace of Mind: Our work comes with a lifetime guarantee on maintenance, materials and craftsmanship. Your customer calls and we will be in their home within 48 hours to assist them with any maintenance or warranty issues they may have free of charge for as long as they own the Home.